The benefits


  • Configure your level of involvement for each group/property
  • Receive instantaneous electronic notifications wherever you are
  • Access relevant documentation and certificates about your property
  • Submit motions, proxy and strata committee nominations and votes online
  • Increase the attractivity and add value to your property

Committee members

  • Centralise all interactions and documentation in one place
  • Ensure smooth transitions and continuity of records
  • Build a digital scheme history
  • Auditable log for all communications
  • Ensure all owners and residents are kept up to date
  • Manage and document meetings
  • Publish Bylaws, meetings agendas and minutes to the relevant audience


  • Conveniently interact with your building anytime, from anywhere
  • Check terms of use and book shared amenities online
  • Report and track issues and repairs until their resolution

Strata managers

  • Zero setup, maintenance and IT costs
  • Fully flexible and scalable
  • Administrative tasks automation to free up your time
  • Streamline processes and minimise phone calls
  • Clarify the terms of your managing agreement with clients
  • Reduce back and forth communications with individual owners
  • Conveniently publish newsletters and activity reports
  • Implement electronic voting to streamline all meetings processes
  • Simplify the onboarding and transitioning of schemes

How it works


Lookup your scheme’s address and create your personal login


Setup your profile and customise your scheme settings, including lot configuration


Send automated invitations for other owners and residents in your scheme to join


Start enjoying the benefits of using Stratabox to administer all your communications and documents!



we'll keep our basic features free

Basic functionality

  • Online noticeboard
  • Email to resident, owners and committee
  • By-laws
  • Basic strata roll
  • Building profile
  • Emergency contacts
from $1 /month

or $12 per habitable lot per year

Full functionality

  • All basic features
  • Meeting agenda and minutes
  • Electronic voting
  • Discussion groups
  • Maintenance channels
  • File archives
  • Full-text document search
  • Booking and management of amenities

Price calculator

Try Stratabox for free

When you sign up, you can trial our premium version for free. After the 3-month free trial, you can subscribe to the premium version, or you can continue Stratabox using our free limited version.

Pricing conditions

  • Subscription is not individual, but for the whole scheme
  • Subscription is directly proportional to the number of habitable lots, so buildings with storage units or garages on separate titles are not penalised
  • Subscription is only due at the end of the fully featured, free initial trial period
  • The lot configuration in your building file must be locked before subscription can commence
  • Subscription is prepaid and covers a period of 12 calendar months from the date we receive your payment
  • A single tax invoice will become available for the scheme once payment is received
  • Should you fail to renew your subscription, your membership will be downgraded to the free, limited version of Stratabox until membership resumes
  • All your existing data not accessible in the limited version will be kept and access to it reinstated upon renewal of the subscription
  • We will not back-charge lapsed memberships, but memberships paid are not refundable
  • Additional services, such as the postage of hard copies of documents for certain users, are not included
  • We guarantee a stable, reasonable pricing. Any future price increases will be announced with a minimum of 6 months notice