Why choose us


The Stratabox difference

At Stratabox, we believe the Owner’s Corporation should be at the core of the processes involved in managing a Strata scheme or Body Corporate. The first step to achieve this is the ability to maintain all the relevant data under direct ownership and control of the Strata Committee, to ensure continuity and full history regardless of management changes. No more lengthy or messy transitions, storage and filing issues, missing or delayed access to documents. Your building doesn’t move, neither does its data.


Choose the best

We are passionate about technology. We believe it should make things easier, better and cheaper. All our IT development happens in-house, and in Australia. Our product is therefore constantly evolving and we are working hard in the background to provide you with better features as time goes by.  All your data is also located in Australia and we work with the best hosting suppliers to provide you with optimal security and fastest response times as possible.



Transparency can drive fantastic benefits to Strata schemes and Body Corporates. Because it is at the core of our product and values, we also apply it to ourselves, starting with our pricing. We'd be happy for you to contact us anytime yet it is not necessary to check our pricing which can be found here.


Adaptable and user-friendly

Stratabox has been designed to be adaptable to schemes of any types and sizes to suit their specific needs. It can also be incorporated in your current workflows and rolled out progressively to different user groups to avoid disruptions. You are in control of which features are enabled for your scheme. We ensure our interface is simple and clean and can be enjoyed by all our users, some of them well into their 80's!


Continuity and independence

With dynamic group messaging, all your communications are logged on Stratabox and will always remain accessible when your committee is renewed or your manager or owners moves on. Keeping your online strata roll up to date is a breeze with a variety of self-service registration options and new members can gain instant access to your scheme's full history and records. Because we are fully independent and neutral, you can use our service with any Strata Manager, Building Manager or third-party supplier of your choice, forever.



Flux is a relatively new concept that captures all elements of communications such as date, time, sender, recipient, subject and body of the message as well as any attachments. It is a powerful alternative to a simple document archive, as it can be difficult to make sense of a document or attachment without its context. With flux, you get the full picture!


Stratabox vs. custom website

Some buildings set up their own website to share their data and contacts, and even sometimes submit forms and requests. This can work very well for a time, yet is not a good solution for the following reasons:

- the dynamic nature of every scheme's information means regular content updates, which may require ongoing costs or a certain level of IT proficiency

- the lack of access control, in and outside the scheme, can lead to privacy issues and limit functionalities

- it only takes a couple of years for a website to look and feel dated and a full redesign is costly

- the content is not necessarily presented in a consistent, easy to use format, and will often lack the advanced features included by default in Stratabox

- the person or entity who has set the website up leaves, and no one is any longer in charge of it


Improved compliance

Strata law and the various regulations can be complex and challenging. In fact, a large proportion of schemes are run in a way that works for them, yet is not necessarily compliant. We endeavour to provide our users with a framework that is easy to follow and will enable you to increase your level of compliance, hence reducing the risks of liability for the Owners Corporation and its elected representatives.


Invest in… savings!

Levies are a significant spend for any strata owner, investor or home occupier alike. We strongly believe a Stratabox subscription is an investment in the future of your scheme by enabling you to save both time and money and avoiding unnecessary costs caused by poor communications and outdated processes, delays in actioning requests with all associated risks of litigation. Maintaining comprehensive records is a great way to add value to your scheme and increase its attractiveness to potential purchasers.


Rock solid

Your data is safe with us. With industry leading hosting, security and backups, we ensure it will be available for years to come. It is also fully accessible should you wish to download it.

Any content created or uploaded to Stratabox will always be available. Some may be archived but nothing is ever deleted.

All email messages and attachments transit through our enterprise grade email server to guarantee they are spam and virus free.


Customer focused

Every strata scheme is different, not just in size and looks, but also in the way it operates. We pride ourselves in making time to understand the needs and dynamics of each and every customer to ensure Stratabox works for them.

Your feedback is important to us. To ensure our product is as user-friendly and relevant as possible, do not hesitate to submit your suggestions. They will be carefully reviewed and regularly implemented as quickly as possible by our team. If you need it, we’ll build it!

The same goes with customer on-boarding. Assistance is at hand for all your set up needs.


And then, there's this...

When we started the company, we agreed on a few principles that may, or may not, apply to other businesses:

What we will do:

- Provide our customers with the best possible product according to their needs

- Assist our customers as best we can to maximise their satisfaction

- Constantly innovate to stay relevant

What we will not do:

- Compromise our integrity or independence

- Force, confuse or trick customers into something they do not want nor need

- Behave unethically in any aspect of our business